Lecture, Workshop, & Retreat Topics Include:

Love & Marriage     Ed
The Bond of Marital Love
Why Do We Fight
Cultivating Intimacy

These lectures build upon the work of Timothy Keller and Sue Johnson to consider movements of the heart and a covenantal understanding of love and marriage.  Recent work in Emotion Focused Therapy is also considered in addressing conflict. 

Recognizing & Redeeming Anger    
Uncovering Anger  
Emotions Beneath Anger
Forgiveness: Myths & Realities

These lectures explore the roots of anger, spiritually and emotionally, as well as the myths and realities of the process of forgiveness.  These talks draw upon work by Everett Worthington and others.

A Life Worth Living
Deeper Connections
A Worthy Quest
An Abiding Spirit

Exploring the danger of denying and rewards of engaging our longings for love and a transcendent purpose, as well as the source of strength necessary to endure hardship and grow in life.

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