The Dance of Anger: 

Women's Anger Group

Who is this group for?

Women struggling to tune into their anger in a constructive way.

Does your anger…

·         Catch you or others off guard?

·         Leave you exhausted & confused?

·         Seem to be get you nowhere?

·         Feel suppressed and hidden?

·         Leave you overly responsible & resentful?

Explanation of Group

Anger is a normal part of the human experience. It is often an expression of deeper hurt, fear and frustration. If you are a woman seeking to make sense of anger, this group invites you to tune into your anger in a constructive way. You will learn to understand the nature of your anger on a deeper level, learn to identify the causes and patterns of anger that are unique to your story and learn practical skills to help you observe, interpret and communicate anger effectively in the future. This process will allow you to connect with anger in a way that promotes a stronger sense of self and meaningful change in your relationships. If this resonates with you, we invite you to join our therapy group as we work through the book The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner PhD. The group's starting date will be determined in collaboration with group members as the group takes form. Cindy Lorentzen, LPC and Kathleen Godefroid, CIT will be co-leading together and would consider it a privilege to welcome you to the group. 


Date: TBD

Time & Duration: 6:30-8pm, 14 weeks 

Location: Killeen Counseling,

6744 Clayton Rd. Suite 221, St. Louis, MO 63117

Fee: $50/wk

Contact: (314)720-2710, ext.3 or, ext.5