Working with psychiatrists when necessary to stabilize feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and fatigue in order to 
uncover sources of depression in order to empower individuals toward hope and growth.

Helping to identify underlying sources of anxiety, working with psychiatrists
when necessary to stabilize immobilizing symptoms, and helping to facilitate long-term emotional and cognitive health.

Trauma  Care in facing and growing through the emotional and relational damage brought on by verbal, physical, or sexual abuse, emotional and physical neglect and abandonment (i.e. by divorce of parents or spouse).

Grief   Engaging the impact of real loss - of loved ones, jobs, and health - in order to find care and hope for each stage of the grieving process.  Grief is a heavy burden best lightened and endured with skilled helpers to share the load.

Anger  Helping to identify the internal and external causes of anger, and to learn how to make healthy choices in response to it.

Attachment   Helping those with anxious and avoidant patterns in relationships to build more secure   connections through emotional engagement with self, therapist, and others.

Divorce  Exploring the deep, lasting emotional impact of divorce and the choices it presents adults and teens.

ADHD               Providing insight and support in facing the impact of ADHD on relationships, work, and                          home life.   

Ministry Caring for present struggles and enduring emotional and spiritual wounds.  Considering their impact on the marriage, family, and vocation. 
Consulting  Offering questions and insights into church conflicts, leadership struggles, pastoral care concerns, and vocational decisions facing seminary students and ministers.

Addiction  Working with individuals to understand the addict's emotional world, to move from avoidance and escapism to love, and to face with their spouse the relational impact within the marriage.


Marriage    Working to heal and restore joy to marriages damaged by years of unhealthy conflict, dealing with ADHD, infidelity, pornography addictions, neglect, loss, depression, and anxiety. 

Premarital       Offering a six-week  series of sessions exploring family relationships, the marital bond of love, separating from parents, financial stewardship, dealing with conflict, the wedding day, and sexual intimacy.

Our counselors are trained to respect and strengthen the parent-child relationship as the best, ongoing solution to immediate problems encountered by children and teens.  We work with parents to identify sources of anxiety, impairment, and unhealthy conflict in a family and to facilitate parents in steering children toward loving communication and normal social and emotional development.  Teens are given a confidential helper who will help them to grasp their feelings, honor their parents, and make wise choices.