Cindy Lorentzen, MA, LPC is a graduate Covenant Theological Seminary who works primarily from an Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) perspective. EFT sees the goal of therapy as understanding and developing greater emotional connection with ourselves and significant others in order to strengthen our love bonds.  Much of Cindy’s current work involves couples, both premarital and marital.  She also works with families, teens and adult individuals. Her counseling experience includes addressing trauma, sexual abuse, shame, anxiety, fear, depression, grief, loss, and relational conflict.  Her work experience includes helping victims of sexual abuse and exploitation.  She also has a Bachelor’s in Special Education, with 30 years experience working with teens with learning disabilities, (including ADHD), as well as social and behavioral challenges.  Cindy’s compassionate heart, education, and extensive experience allow her to join with clients in their present concerns in order to know themselves better, to form meaningful bonds with others, and to make changes that bring bring real hope.


Phone: 314/720-2710 ext. 3