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Why Pursue Career Counseling?

Work demands 80% of our time.  If you are experiencing uncertainty, discontent, lack of fit or fulfillment, career counseling would be beneficial.  Here are further considerations pointing toward a need for career counseling:

  • experiencing uncertainty about your career path or choice?
  • considering a career transition?
  • struggling to integrate your career and educational goals?
  • entering the job market uncertain about the search process?
  • needing to enhance your social media skills?
  • needing to develop and grow professionally?

According to a 2014 survey of U.S. 5,000 households by the Conference Board, job dissatisfaction is widespread among workers of all ages across all income brackets. The study found that only 47% of those surveyed say they are satisfied with their jobs.

Depression, anxiety, worry, tension, and interpersonal problems can result from, or worsen as a result of ongoing job dissatisfaction.

What to Expect of Initial Session

  • Prior to session completing a career intake form  

  • During session exploring career concerns to determine goals

  • At conclusion of session receiving feedback and recommendation on next steps for addressing your career concerns, including an estimated number of sessions

  • Freedom to decide how you wish to proceed.  

About the Process

  • Your unique situation always directs the process. An integrative approach to career counseling is utilized that includes providing support for the emotional issues that often co-exist with career concerns and can be an obstacle in experiencing professional success. 

  • You will identify specific career concerns you want to address and the goals you want to accomplish.

  • As needed formal and/or informal career assessments are incorporated in the counseling process to provide insight and information. (Some career assessments will require additional cost, of which you will be informed ahead of time.)

  • You might have to complete “follow up activities” in between sessions.

  • “Check-ins” are built-in to ensure your career concerns and goals remain the focal point of the counseling process.

  • The goal of engaging in career counseling is to develop a clear sense of direction in addressing your career concerns.

For more information on career counseling services, contact 

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