Anger Survey

 To consider your need of help in responding to your anger, note the number of statements below that apply to you.


__  Impatience comes over me more frequently than I would like.

__  I nurture critical thoughts quite easily.

__  When I am displeased with someone I may shut down any 

      communication or withdraw.

__  I feel inwardly annoyed when family and friends do not comprehend 

      my needs.

__  Tension mounts within me as I tackle a demanding task. 

__  I feel frustrated when I see someone else having fewer struggles 

      than I do.

__  When facing an important event, I may obsessively ponder how I must manage it.

__  Sometimes I walk in another direction to avoid seeing someone I do not like.

__  When discussing a controversial topic, my tone of voice is likely to become persuasive.

__  I can accept a person who admits his or her mistakes, but I have a hard time 

      accepting someone who refuses to admit his or her own weaknesses.

__  When I talk about my irritations I don't really want to hear an opposite point of view.

__  When someone confronts me from a misinformed position, I am thinking of my 

      rebuttal as he or she speaks.

__  Sometimes my discouragements makes me want to quit.

__  I can be quite aggressive in my business pursuits or even when playing a gamejust 

      for fun.

__  I struggle emotionally with the things in life that are not fair.

__  Although I know it may not be right, I sometimes blame others for my problems.

__  When someone openly speaks ill of me, my natural response is to think how I

     can defend myself.

__  Sometimes I speak slanderously about a person, not really caring how it may

     harm his or her reputation.

__  I may act kindly on the outside while feeling frustrated on the inside.

__  Sarcasm is a trait I use in expressing humor.

__  When someone is clearly annoyed with me I too easily jump into the conflict.

__  At times I struggle with moods of depression or discouragement.

__  I have been known to take an "I don't care" attitude toward the needs of others.

__  When I am in an authority role, I may speak too sternly or insensitively.


If you counted 10 items, your anger is probably more constant than you like.  If you counted 15 or more, you can probably recount many disappointments and irritations.  This indicates you are vulnerable to the extreme ill effects of anger, rage, and explosions or to guilt, bitterness, and resentment... (Les Carter, PhD: The Anger Workbook)


This group will foster self-awareness, Biblical insight, real strategies for anger management, and provide a confidential, caring context for substantial healing of harmful anger and related emotional wounds.